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Purpose: California Crosspoint Academy’s After School Program is provided for all K-8th grade students who are waiting for their after school pickup. Here, students have a supervised location where they can quietly work on assignments, ask for help, or read.  After School Enrichment & Music provide your child opportunities to explore new areas and build skills doing things they already love.  

After School Expectations: All school rules are in effect until parents pick up their children.
Students arrive at their designated after school room within 15 minutes of class dismissal. If a student has a sport, classroom activity, lesson, or tutoring session, the staff in charge of that activity is responsible for the student until parent pickup.
Students may eat a snack they have brought at the beginning of the after school time or during the break.
All K-8th grade students will take a short break of 15-20 minutes around 4 pm. This break is outside as conditions allow. Breaks may be staggered by grade levels.
Students may use the restroom, one student at a time.
Students will quietly work on their assignments, read a book, use their device for Achieve 3000/Smarty Ants or ST Math, or quietly play a game with classmates.
Students will push in their chairs and clean their area before they are dismissed.

Electronic Devices: Students are allowed to use their devices during After School for the following purposes only: Achieve 3000, STMath, reading, a specific homework assignment requiring the use of their computer or other device.

Emergency Forms: Emergency forms are kept on file with the school office.

Pick Up: Between 3:45 pm and 6:00 pm, please see the front desk to pick up your child. The front desk will call or radio the after school rooms to have your child pack up and meet you in the front lobby. Please, sign your child out at the front desk.
Only designated adults or designated older siblings may pick up K-8th grade students.

Late Pick Up: After school supervision is available until 6 pm.
After 6 pm, you will be charged a late fee of $30 per half hour, charged in 30-minute increments.
If you know you will be late, please make arrangements with a designated adult to pick up your child.
If an emergency or traffic makes you late, please inform the school office when it is safe to do so, and arrangements will be made for a late pickup.
Sanitization: Areas are sanitized on a regular basis and students will be expected to follow all school safety precautions and procedures.

Cost: $110 will be billed per child each month.
The daily rate for use of After School on a day-by-day basis is $15.00 per day.
Please, register for semester-long or monthly care.
This fee covers the cost of supervision only, additional activities will be billed separately.
Fees are not prorated.
A late fee of $30 is billed in 30 minute increments after 6:00 pm.

FOR MORE INFORMATION please email Mrs. Rebekah Kotlar via email


** Please complete a separate form for each child. **

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